Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just finished this business card!


Front (No artwork on back)




With the redesign, we utilized the front and the back of the card.  This way we could showcase one of Verna's paintings.  Also, we could create more legible and readable text for the contact information.  Before the redesign, you needed a magnifying glass to be able to see such small text.

Thank you to Verna Korkie for letting me redesign your business card for you!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Problems with choosing Wordpress to build and maintain your website

  • Wordpress has security issues.  Approximately once a month (I’ve seen as much as twice), you must download a security update.  I liken this to Windows vs Mac.  Wordpress is one of the largest content management systems out there.  They are under attack constantly.  If you get hacked, you can have all your files changed or deleted OR have a downloadable virus added to a page or two.  With Wordpress, you build the entire site with it.  Not just content.  
  • Wordpress is inflexible.  It is built using pre-assembled templates.  If you’ve had a site built and you want something moved or resized, such as your logo, it is either impossible to do or not an easy task.  
  • Wordpress is bloated.  There are literally thousands of pages of code, that will never get used for anything on most average websites.  And within a page, there are hundreds of lines of code, which makes the page slower to load in some areas.  Even in Canada or the US, with high speed internet.
  • Wordpress is full of errors in their code.  The tool that I use to check my code for errors, is:  The W3C who created the internet have created this tool, so that web developers can test their sites.  Type your website address into the address bar and see how many errors you get.  

Ask me about building a website with a CMS that you can manage your own site, with no security risks, built like you want, fast page loads, and perfect coding!